1. download and install this programme

2. download and install this programme

(only download the free version)

3. download and intall this programme

ok when you have done all that i want you to do things this way.

first load your ccleaner click on registry tick all the options then click scan for issues, if it finds any issues it will ask you do you want to save backup do that then click clean. then clean on the cleaner option. under windows tick all the options except form history and passwords, just for your browsers only. under system click on the first 7 only leave the others blank. under advanced click on old prefetch data, enviroment path and custom files and folders.
then click on applications, again tick everything except passwords and form history.
then hit run cleaner, do this a few times til almost nothing or is nothing left to clean.

then open up your spyware adware cleaner and click on scan this may take a while. click on full scan after full scan you can just use quick scan everyday and full scan once a week

whilst waiting on that click on revo uninstaller to open it up. when it opens up you will see a list of every application on your computer (prob some you thought were already uninstalled) if there is some you want rid of click on 1 at a time then click uninstall at the top of the page, then from now on if you wish to delete anything on your comp use this app..  once your uninstalled click on (under scanning modes) click on advanced and click scan. when done it will either say it has found no further files then click on it your done. if it does find files click the button says select all and delete, then there maybe a 2nd page open up click select all and delete again. do this for all files you no longer use.

the at top click on tools and do the following in order:-

1 click windows cleaner, and then click clear at top of page follow the steps
2 click on microsft cleaner,and then click clear at top of page follow the steps
3 click on browsers cleaner, and then click clear at top of page follow the steps

lastly click on junk files cleaner click on scan at top of page when it is done click on delete.

once all this is done go back to your aadware cleaner if it has found any hidden ads from sites they will show there and ask you to agree to clean then it will restart your computer.

if you do this everyday or every other day your comp will work brilliantly.

last thing if none of your browser work after that download SEAMONKEY BROWSER thats what most of us hosts use.

joint head admin

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